Smart Energy IoT Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled solutions for smart energy and utilities connect sustainable energy assets. Integrate them into IT infrastructure to improve energy efficiency and delivery from production to consumer.


IoT Applications for Smart Energy Management Systems


Smart Meter Technology

Smart meters provide real-time energy availability and consumption data. This data helps utility providers distribute energy to maximize benefits and reduce outages. Improved accounting and billing transparency lets customers modify energy usage to save money and be more environmentally conscientious.

Smart Metering Solutions Smart Metering Solutions

Smart Grid Solutions

IoT-enabled smart electrical grid systems assist energy suppliers in meeting growing usage demands. They help increase the quality and resilience of energy delivery. Enhanced operations visibility and diagnoses help providers shift demand loads and distribute electricity more cost-effectively.

Explore Smart Grid Applications Explore Smart Grid Applications

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry uses smart energy IoT solutions to optimize production and ensure safe extraction and delivery. Oil and gas companies can gain greater insight into infrastructure health to fix problems or avoid problems with predictive systems.

IoT for Oil and Gas IoT for Oil and Gas
How Cellular AMR Helps Utilities Streamline Operations

WM Systems leverages Telit’s IoT modules for their smart utility metering IoT solution. With Telit’s modules, WM Systems created a customized universal smart metering modem using the latest IoT Technology.

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Overcoming Global Roaming Challenges in Natural Gas

Pietro Fiorentini provides natural gas smart metering solutions for residential, commercial and industrial use. Telit’s IoT connectivity and SIM cards enable Pietro Fiorentini to manage its entire deployment from one interface. 

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Telit IoT Connectivity

Get one-touch access to your global connectivity network with Telit IoT connectivity plans and management solutions. Telit’s IoT connectivity tools and resources efficiently get your deployment to market, regardless of scale or stage. Get scalable IoT connectivity, global visibility and granular control down to the individual SIM.

Explore IoT Connectivity Solutions Explore IoT Connectivity Solutions

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What Is Smart Energy?

Smart energy is multifaceted energy management that uses IoT to deliver cost-effective, efficient energy distribution. It combines the use of sustainable, renewable energy sources and IoT energy management solutions and devices.

Smart energy systems extend beyond intelligent electrical grids and metering to encompass:

  • Multiple energy sources and types
  • Production and delivery infrastructures
  • Operational processes and use cases

Keeping these systems high-functioning and always on requires secure connectivity to deliver improved resilience and sustainability.

How IoT Energy Management Can Create a More Sustainable World

IoT energy management is expanding. Along with it is a growing commitment to leverage IoT for energy efficiency to support environmental sustainability. As the world’s energy needs increase, so do issues around:

  • Increased consumption
  • Aging infrastructures
  • The rising cost of outages
  • Consumer expectations around energy availability

IoT energy management enables many sustainability practices (e.g., access to real-time machine and consumer usage information). These practices enable smarter energy distribution decisions and help customers conserve energy and save money.

How Telit’s IIoT Platforms Help Gather Real-Time Machine Data for Oil and Gas

Telit deviceWISE® lets you connect your machines and enterprise software without writing custom code. This platform leverages the power of a logic engine and hundreds of native machine protocols and drivers. Once implemented, you can get near real-time bidirectional data and analysis from any machine, sensor or device. Discover how Telit deviceWISE can help you scale and future-proof your IIoT solution.

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Manage Energy Consumption with Smart Energy Solutions

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