Telit NExTPlus™

Telit NExTPlus can help future-proof your global IoT connectivity. NExTPlus offers native profiles allowing IoT customers to switch between global roaming and local MNO profiles remotely and securely.


Evolve the IoT Ecosystem

Telit NExTPlus allows localization to address deployments in various regions without managing multiple SIMs. Localization enables customers to use a native MNO profile in areas with permanent roaming restrictions.

NExTPlus lets users check for coverage at installation and download the MNO profile that offers the best coverage for the location. It enables you to change, add or replace a SIM profile. NExTPlus can support multiple profiles on one SIM, including multi-IMSI roaming profiles.

Telit NExTPlus provides future-proof multi-IMSI, multi-profile capabilities. If you have deployments in several markets, you may need specific technologies from particular operators. Telit can future-proof your connectivity with global MNO partnerships. These partnerships enable total flexibility to optimize coverage, network technologies (e.g., Cat M, NB-IoT, VoLTE and 5G) and costs.

Telit NExTPlus empowers users with one SIM for the entire life cycle. Users can switch carriers or technologies without swapping SIMs on-site. 

Future-Proof Global IoT Connectivity

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Telit NExTPlus Capabilities

  • Supporting several profiles preloaded to the SIM and list of IMSI donors
  • Change profiles automatically according to predefined rules (location)
  • Support IMSI switch for mission-critical use cases
  • Remote provisioning management (SM – DP/SR)
  • Supports fallback in case the new network is not available
  • Option to manually change profile, IMSI or operators via the CMP
  • The SIM bootstrap can be defined per customer needs (default Telit NExT)
  • SIM FF: plastic, MFF2, iSIM
  • Support external integration to the CMP (APIs)
  • Telit multi-IMSI and Telit eUICC multi-profile are supported on the same SIM
  • eUICC new profile: After several months of integration, we can support downloading a new profile (per business case)

Key Benefits of Telit NExTPlus

  • eUICC is not a hardware concept. It is a feature concept for managing SIM profiles. An eUICC can host multiple profiles and requires a minimum memory of 512 KB.
  • The profile includes the information the MNO needs to enable connectivity. Traditionally, these profiles are locked to the SIM, meaning if you change operators, you must replace the SIM.
  • eUICC hosts multiple provider profiles and have space for additional applications (e.g., security features).
  • For M2M deployments in which devices are distributed globally in remote locations, coordinating the correct SIM installation and the right time can create logistical challenges. Installing a SIM with an eUICC at the manufacturing stage saves production and distribution costs and inventory since you only need one SKU.

Multi-IMSI Architecture


Deploy Powerful, Intelligent Multi-IMSI SIM Technology

What is multi-IMSI?

Multi-IMSI enables you to improve device health and connectivity. This functionality empowers any device. You can scale deployments requiring remote IMSI selection by leveraging high-level automation tools.

  • Multi-IMSI technology allows several IMSI profiles on a single SIM
  • Powerful multi-IMSI policy on the Telit NExT network for all customers
  • Primary IMSI per country policy based on coverage, service quality and cost optimization
  • Unique mission-critical support for MNO/IMSI sponsor outages and IMSI switch abilities
  • Eliminate bill shock wherever your devices are activated

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How Is Multi-IMSI Used?

Multi-IMSI allows flexibility and optimized coverage, cellular technologies and costs.

Multi-IMSI is used when a customer wants full support from multiple operators in a country. Some IMSI donors only support a subset of a country’s operators. In these situations, multi-IMSI solves cost and coverage issues.

Another use case is for mission-critical applications in which the SIM will work with other IMSIs in case of IMSI operation failure.

Multi-IMSI supports localization where we have a local IMSI sponsor in our multi-IMSI SIM. This capability enables you to transition to other operators easily where there are permanent roaming restrictions.

What Is eUICC?

eUICC technology, based on a global GSMA-sponsored standard embraced by mobile operators worldwide, is fundamental for IoT. It enables new use cases requiring streamlined logistics for devices to go from factory to field and into operation. eUICC empowers the end user at the end of the line with over-the-air (OTA) provisioning and management of the device’s mobile connection details.

Telit NExT is a provider of one of the industry’s broadest coverage of eUICC or eSIM technology. Customers can switch profiles and localize solutions to address issues with permanent roaming restrictions.

eUICC Architecture

  • RSP = Secure and remove (over the air) network operator profile management
  • One main platform to manage all eUICCs (types and logic)
  • Responsible for the onboarding process
  • Includes GUI for setup configuration and ongoing activities
  • Multiple interfaces to all peripheral components


  • Automotive: Get secure, reliable and seamless connectivity without boundaries, easily managed from one intuitive dashboard.
  • Telematics: Leverage global connectivity coverage on any technology (e.g., Cat M, NB-IoT, VoLTE and 5G), offering most the optimized and effective plan according to customers‘ specific needs.
  • Agriculture: Farm productivity depends on keeping crops and livestock healthy around the clock. Agriculture IoT solutions can help monitor, maximize output, ensure compliance and reduce costs — functions that are essential for any innovative solution.
  • Industrial: Monitor industrial equipment and continuous routine maintenance at the exact point needed.
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Simplify IoT Connectivity with Telit NExTPlus

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