IoT Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Modules

See what low-energy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (or a combination) can do by integrating Telit’s line of fully certified modules.


Ultralow Power, Easy to Integrate

Seamless IoT connectivity integration is our specialty. Organizations with limited Wi-Fi or Bluetooth expertise don’t have time or resources to navigate various testing and certification requirements. Telit’s certified Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules provide faster development times and market availability. They are compliant with industry standards and global regulatory and industry certification requirements.


IoT Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Modules

Greater engineering efforts are required for achieving performance targets and adding multiple wireless technologies to the IoT device design, such as:

  • Cellular
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GNSS

Taking advantage of combination module features will save design and certification resources and reduce time to market while boosting customer satisfaction.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Features and Use Cases

IoT Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules are suitable for market segments, including:

  • Single- and dual-band Wi-Fi with BT/BLE combo modules
  • Embedded customer application processor and development tools
  • Advanced security
  • Easy provisioning
  • Cloud provider ready
  • Hosted or stand-alone
  • Compatible family form factors
  • Generic GATT client and server
  • Low-power modes
  • Terminal I/O for secure serial data transfer
  • Bluetooth and regulatory certifications
  • Android and iOS source codes
Certifications Support
Government regulations change often. Telit certification services provide the support you need to get your product ready for certification the first time.

Secure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy

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SE150A4 Series







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Power More IoT Possibilities

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